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The Court Reporting Service (CRS) exists to promote and facilitate the administration of justice by the Judiciary through the professional recording of all sittings of the Supreme and National Courts and the provision of accurate, timely and cost effective verbatim transcripts of those proceedings.

It achieves this goal by:

(a) Producing the official certified transcripts of Supreme and National Court proceedings through uncompromising faithfulness to the accuracy and integrity of the recording and transcription processes.

(b) Providing members of the judiciary, legal profession, litigants and the general public with a professional Service rendering products and services characterised by reliability and world best practice.

(c) Empowering local, national staff to acquire skills and attain levels of excellence in personal development.

The CRS was established in 1995. The effective operation of the CRS is integral to the successful operation of the Papua New Guinea Justice system. The Supreme and National Courts are superior courts of record. The proceedings before the courts are transparent and accountable by virtue of the integrity of the in-court recording processes and a certified verbatim transcript of proceedings capable of verification against the original master recording.